Those of us who were lucky enough met up on Thursday morning at the Caboolture / Morayfield twin servos for a late breakie / early brunch. Karen S got stuck in traffic (is that a fine?) and Karen O met us up at the barge. We had a great trip up the beach and found a great little camping spot with good amounts of shade, grass and dune. We had a couple of visitors come along on this trip. We are hoping that they will join the club. If not for their love of 4wding and camping then because they have a drone … see below for some of the awesome shots of our campsite!

We ended up with the following people on the trip:

  • Lee and Lucy (trip leaders)
  • Kathleen M
  • Karen O
  • Karen S
  • Chris and Barb V
  • Rebecca V
  • Maurice M (Came on Saturday afternoon)

Along with visitors Jake T & Steph who stayed an extra night (how dare they!!!) and Eva who camped with us Friday and Saturday.

Fortunately the weather gods were kind to us and we were allowed to have fires the whole weekend. There will be a fine for Karen S – I will save the detail for the meeting. Needless to say all ended well and I am still laughing hard about what happened!

Some were adventurous in cooking on the fire successfully!

Friday was a lazy day around camp. We picked up Eva from Noosa North Shore and enjoyed a number of swims. We learnt that swimming in the ocean in the afternoon meant higher winds and some blue bottle visitors.

From mid – afternoon we watched all the cars drive up the beach in search of campsites. The beach had been fully booked out for the weekend.

In the evening we again enjoyed the campfire. With Karen S along, we developedv new protocol for campfires … if you are going to talk shine a torch on YOUR face not Karen’s! (Sorry Karen).

The weekend was full of good food and good company. We made a decision to have a camp day on Saturday because everyone seemed to be arriving to set up camp and were not very respectful of our existing camp. Australia Day evening was a communal dinner made up of Roasts, Veggies and Yorkshire puddings (thanks Kathleen) and was much enjoyed by everyone.

Sunday we had an early start and drove up to Double Island Point and the Lighthouse. We had a spectacular walk up to the lighthouse which was manned by a couple of volunteers to ensure that visitors had water etc. The views were simply stunning and on the way back down some of us were lucky enough to see some turtles in the water!

We drove the Leisha track around to the lagoon side and enjoyed a beautiful morning swim in gentle waves. The water was clear (with no blue bottles) and just the right temperature! Unfortunately in packing up our fox wing, some wind caught it and flipped it over the car. A lesson learned about how not to pack up a fox wing.

Some headed back to camp and Lee and I took Eva back to the barge before coming back up to camp. We enjoyed a late afternoon trip to the lagoon side of double island point for another swim before showers. Note to self – next time we do this on a long weekend bring a book to read in the line-up for the showers.

Our last night at camp was again delightful. On Monday morning most of us were up early to pack up camp. Lee and I headed off by 8am (no I didn’t wet the bed) so that we could pick up our new puppy that afternoon. We came to a screeching halt after going through the car spa with the line up for the barge taking us about 2.5 hours. Those who came behind us were there for about 3 hours. Another lesson learnt … Be like Steph and Jake who left on the Tuesday and had no line up for the barge!

Thank you to everyone who came along it was a great time. Thank you to Karen S for her patience with us all learning to sign and forgetting where to put the torch!

Here are some signs that we learnt:

HOW – Start with hands flat, horizontal, palms up, fingertips pointing towards opposite sides, and one resting on top of the other. Simultaneously move hands outwards in a flat arc so that hands end pointing forward in front of sides.

SIGN – With fingers on both hands spread apart and pointing forward; hands in front of body, a small distance apart and one starting higher than the other; Move hands in a circle simultaneously one or two times.