The Angels arranged to rendezvous at the northbound BP for the mission. Favourable weather and traffic allowed a start time half an hour early and everyone set off in great spirits; cars were fuelled, Crispy Cream donuts purchased and everyone was on their way


With a slight delay at the river crossing the only issue that the Girls encountered, the Angles hit the beach and a suitable location for the operational post became the priority. High ground was secured, the base set up and then out came the cocktails. Karen graced the night by managing to produce a very nice Pina colada with crushed ice cocktail which was accompanied by pizzas from both Karen and Hollie. A fire was lit, stories of past heroic deeds were shared throughout the evening until the Angles decided to call it a night

The next morning the Angles were greeted with an overcast sky with small bouts of rain. The decision was made to hold off on the reconnaissance drive planned for that morning, so the day was spent lounging around, swimming and a rather impromptu drive up the beach to charge a secondary battery on one of the vehicles. Oh, there was a little confusion about a solar panel but I am sure that story will surface at a later date

After the obligatory ‘staging of the vehicles for the official photo shoot’ and the ‘I will sneak in a selfie during the shoot’ the Angles relaxed to a range of nibbles whilst enjoying another cocktail or two courtesy of Kathleen and having an excellent corned beef dinner and a very alcoholic fruit desert prepared by Lucy and Kathleen. The sun set, the Angles reverted back to the fire to share stories of even more heroic and daring deeds from the past

The last sunrise saw a relaxed morning, with a leisurely breakfast, the operational base slowly being stowed away and porta-potties emptied (in the appropriate place, of course). We found a new use for a ratchet strap that was quite innovative and you will need to ask Kathleen about the details. The last leg saw a cruisy run up the beach; the Angles aired up their tyres and with a few hugs departed ways

Overall it was a very pleasant relaxing weekend spent with good company, plus I didn’t have to cook dinner either night and oh, I found a shovel

Until our next mission

Charlie (aka Stu)