Nindigully Pig Races  (Sat 26th Nov)


After Wednesday night deluge of rain, it was great to see the countryside covered in puddles.  I joined the mass of Grey Nomads, Itinerants, Vans, Camper Trailers, Tents, & Swags FREE camping on the Moonie River alongside the Nindigully pub (40 kms south of St George) in between the mud puddles.

The whole weekend was dedicated to raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctors.  $ 37,000 was totalled and came from Gold Coin donations for use of the Nindigully Hot J showers and toilets ($9,000 for the year); the entrance fee to the races ($30 each); the auctioned piglets; and the variety raffles; and other on the day donations.

There were 6 pig = piglet races on the Race Card. Prior to each race, the seven piglets were auction. The auctioneer was brilliant and a great laugh. Your syndicate which succeeded in the auction owned the piglet for the race. The prize pool was the sum of the 7 individually auctioned pigs (for each race) of which 50% went to the Royal Flying Doctors. AIB (Alcohol-induced bidding) assisted the blue-coated favourite pig to fetch the max of $1200 for one race. The gold pig followed closely behind at $1000.

The piglets followed a short gated track over & through obstacles to reach the sow milk on top of a hay bale. Each race was hilarious and leadership changed constantly. The supporting crowd was four deep and spirits were high going for their favourite. It was incredible fun, both to support and watch. All piglets went home to race another day.

Unfortunately, my phone acka my camera had an internal battery short so sorry there are no photos. But try watching a race.


Or an aerial view of the pub in dryer times


(NB all the parking space along the walkway/river was occupied for the weekend)

Live music kept people entertained Friday & Saturday nights. Lots of new friendships, stories, yarns, were told. And so many empty cans. (The weather was HOT! and sticky.)

The food too lived up to reputation in quantity and value. The Pub ala carte $20 menu saw people create huge platefuls that I am sure they struggled to eat. I wasn’t around to see one of their famous Road Train burgers.

Sunday saw a splatter of rain, so I bolted for Brisbane to dry out my tent in readiness for the next adventure.


Cheers,  Roger Langridge