‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’

That’s right!! The Ladies Weekend at Janowen 4×4 Park was full of gaining knowledge on Driver Training and awareness for the ladies, flexing our girlie skills and having fun. The morning started with a very detailed quiz for each couple where one must be aware of how well one knows their better half!! Thing’s like ‘Where was your first date?’, ‘What was your first kiss like?’, ‘What’s your partner’s most annoying habit?’. There were some doozies for answers. I believe leaving cupboard doors open was one. Some pretty close to the mark too. Us Ladies then bid farewell to our better halves, left them back at camp to prepare ‘luncheon upon our return’ and we set off in our 4WDrives

a.k.a ‘Chick automobiles’. With instruction from Kris Traeger, Tony Collins and John Lipman we were taken through the basics of

Snatch Recovery, Hill start recovery

Recovery when stuck and loss of traction.

General driving where we put all the refresher skills to use.

Once the girlie brain power had been put to use we returned to camp where we all gathered around a very exclusive pinkly decorated marquee, where lunch was served on tables laid with the finest linen and punch for refreshments. We were also given a pamper pack to which enclosed a Coupon Booklet for which the Ladies were to use on their partner’s. These coupons are non‐negotiable gentlemen!! Our Trainers were given a boy pack each which included some little cars for them to play in the dirt with.

Once the day of fun ended we all gathered around the fire where more excitement and frivolities happened. We had some excellent ‘Pink’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ impersonators who dazzled us with their talents as a result of a quiz. If you wish to have them perform at your next black tie event please see Gary & Karen Bowen for details. The boys were allowed some fun the following day with a drive.

All the ladies who came on this weekend whilst having fun also gained a lot of knowledge out of this trip whether it being for the first time, or as a refresher on driver awareness. I know I did. Whilst a lot of the blokes are the ones who do the driving whether it be preference or other reasons it is important that where possible we are all able to be aware of how to handle a situation if we are called upon to do so when out and about 4WDriving. We hope to see more at the next where Sally Traeger will hopefully out do herself on organising the next one like she did on this one.

Nice work to all who helped make this weekend a reality.

Written by: Kathleen Moran