Every year for the last 19 years 4WD Clubs have come together to clean up Fraser Island. It’s a shame that it needs to be done but at the same time its very rewarding when everyone comes together to help keep it a treasure for the world to see. Also, along the way lots & lots of fun, friendships & memories are made!! So…………below is the trip report done slightly different. Everyone loves the Brady Bunch so when you read the below trip report you need to sing it to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme.

Here’s the story

Of a Club named Bayside

Who came to Clean Up Fraser Island

They came with their cars and their rubbish bags

But they were not alone

It’s the story

Of our Trip Leaders

Who gathered all their ducks in a row

And travelled in convoy up to Orchid Beach

Where they camped for some side-splitting fun

Till one Saturday night we gathered together

With Moreton Districts 4WD Club

Where we joined in some laughs & revelry

To sing Happy Birthday to one in their club

The day of the clean-up came around

And 700+ people pitched in

With rubbish collected

And weeding done

We collected just over 7 tonnes

The next few days

Were filled with action

With rock climbing

And first aid to be given

But when one is in need of care and protection

We come together

To form the Bayside Bunch

The Bayside Bunch

The Bayside Bunch

That’s the way we are together

As the Bayside Bunch