Might want to stick the kettle on before this…

While it was a bit of a late trip to put up and I wasn’t too sure if people would already be committed with Father’s Day plans, we ended up with 7 Bayside 4WD’s, 2 visitors & a 2WD Mazda for the weekend.

I came across Goo’s Family Farm recently, it’s near Gatton so really nice and close. Plus, it has a toilet and massive wood fired shower there too, a simple setup is only needed when camping. They are very good value too, only $10 per car if visiting for a day & $15 per car per night camp fee’s (including the driving) It’s also dog friendly and can have camp fires, pretty big camp fires as it turns out.

There was no real convoy to get there with us all turning up at different times & days, I was going to sneak in the extra night heading there straight from picking up the kids from school. We looked a bit unusual at the school ‘stop, drop & go’ zone with the camper trailer!

Although the owner Darryl had said he would have a fire going for us for when we got there (which was very generous of him), David and a friend had arrived in the early afternoon and took up the fire duties, and boy did we get through some big pieces of wood through the weekend!

We had thought we’d get there much later but being so close to Brisbane we arrived before 5pm (in 2 cars as Michelle generously offered to take James to a party Saturday arvo) so after setting up the camper trailer we headed into Gatton to get dinner. Another bonus about the location is it’s only 5 minutes or so from Coles, various takeaways & BWS! The Morris clan also arrived Friday evening and set up super quick.

The evening was spent around the fire having a chat with friends and a drink or two. Not to mention saving the biggest centipede I’d ever seen from the fire. Already the 5 dogs getting along really well.

Saturday morning saw the rest of the Baysiders arrive and set up before I was even out of my PJ’s! Now, including Rocko the farm dog, there was 8 dogs running around of all shapes & sizes, Bella leading some astray taking them to the dam. Although there were ducks, geese, turtles and even goslings around all the dogs behaved really well.

Some were happy just to relax around the camp, it really was a great little spot. The rest of us went to check out the flex tracks & dried out creek. Darryl the owner had said he’d fill the mud pit for us & one of the other muddy sections but we certainly weren’t going to have a repeat of what happened last time and stayed well away! Michelle was first up tackling an entry level White run with ease, James (8) took on the next Green level (can’t reach the peddles so sitting on my lap 😂) and Michelle also moving to some green runs.  I’d looked over and seen Mick in his tidy 200 series taking on a tough red run & making it look easy… I had to have a crack at it, but only after Peter had a little snatch from being stuck towards the beginning! A wise person would learn from this, but that’s not me! So, I managed to make the exact same mistake!! Slightly different line and or bit more pace probably would have fixed it. Luckily Peter was still at the side of the run and payed forward the favour of a snatch – I might have stepped over the snatch strap twice (before being under tension) and been seen and corrected by Baysider onlookers, lesson learnt, fine to follow, I guess. Still haven’t had the driver training is my defence! However, ‘The Golden Child’ filled with all our tribe did manage to complete the rest of the run thanks to some spotting from Mick & Murray.

I might have spotted a MU-X going along one of the runs with a bit of speed which might of lead to hitting 1st one plastic step quickly followed by the other side, another fine perhaps?

Some then headed back to camp and the rest of us heading into the creek bed area. This is just a section with many ins and outs some nice & simple others not so… Again, most marked white, green or red. We had done a couple of simple ones without a hitch building confidence and worked our way to a challenging one… Did we make it? Well after 2 attempts of getting pretty close decided it wasn’t going to happen so tried the ‘easier’ one next to it. With an audience at the top it turned out that too was beyond us – but with a big solid tree behind meant the safest way out was to be another snatch for us, rather than backing down due to the tree & angle, thanks Murray!

The reason for the 2 simple snatch recoveries for ‘The Golden Child’ was to teach my children there is nothing wrong with having a go when you have others around to help you & also recoveries can be perfectly safe & with no damage. Honest 🤣

We were back in camp for lunch, afterwards some headed back down to play, while others made sure the fire kept going so we could all cook with it later. while Michelle took James to his party, myself and the girls headed down later in the afternoon to watch Darryl get the tractor and make the red run Mick and I completed earlier in the day even harder, by digging out even deeper sections.

We did a few more runs and noticed even a little water in a white run made it very slippery… then some tracks in the creek before going to look for the baby goslings that had hatched the day before, very cute.

The evening saw shower times for some, 1st time I’d seen a wood fired shower and also the biggest shower I’ve ever seen, 3m x 3m gazebo, even had a couple of chairs inside!! Guess would be ideal if the whole family had been in the mud too.

The fire had been cranking all day and I had to add just a bit more wood to make sure we had enough coals for all the camp ovens. My first attempt at roast lamb and veggies was a success for our family.

It had been a very relaxing late afternoon and one drink led to another (…and another) for a fair few of us. The Mystical Fire kept us captivated for ages making our fire rainbow colours. We found that some of us become even more of a character after a few drinks but all in good spirits.

Sunday morning and Father’s Day certainly wasn’t a rushed affair, those with easy caravan set ups were able to get away early but we’d all packed up and left by the afternoon. We all had a fantastic weekend and would certainly recommend Goo’s Family Farm to anyone. Our great hosts Darryl and Carmel, not to mention exceptional value too.

Until the next trip…
Cheers, Andy

Thanks to Leanne for her photos!