Stick the kettle on, make a cuppa or crack open a cold one…

Well it certainly wasn’t looking too good for one of the first trips of the year, weather wise…
Some of the worst weather for a very long time the day before with a massive front predicted for Saturday too. I’d been keeping a very close eye on BOM from about 3am & messages of people cancelling started coming through from about 0430!

I was determined for it to all go ahead & was confident that storm front would of cleared, so was still all systems go.

Some of us met at a drizzly Maccas at 0600, keen to head up, there was a little surface flooding at Capalaba as we left but overall was fine. Pretty much as soon as we hit the gateway there was the hint of blue skies & by the time, we met the rest at BP Caboolture it looked like we certainly made the right decision.

Considering the conditions through the night 8 4wd’s wasn’t a bad turn out. The tides were in our favour on the way so we headed for the beach access track at Woorim, Bribie Island.

Airing down saw Nissan come to the aid of Toyota with 1 tyre aired down to 0psi, a bit too low especially with all the rain firming up the sand! Quick loan of compressor & all good to go again.

We met another family with young children heading up for a beach day & they joined in the group happy to not be solo too. Hopefully a new member in the future?

The drive to the forts was nice & leisurely, the beach sand firm under tyre, would have been another story a few days earlier…  there are camp sites in the dunes & some of us swung up to inspect, these sites varied in size from only a couple of spots to quite large also with toilets. We very nearly had a fine for one member as they did come close to getting bogged, I think we might of been keeping fingers crossed but alas they managed to drive out!

Keeping an eye out we spotted plenty of eagles & kangaroos on the way up & also no doubt due to the weather hardly any other people! This also meant we got a cracking spot up the end of the beach by the forts. We all parked up, before being redirected to line up for the obligatory photo!

The sea was calling so all the kids, about 10 I think & some of the adults swam & played in the sea, others choosing to keep a watchful eye on us (or chatting enjoying the view!) & some wondering round the forts to take photos. The sky did look menacing a couple of times but did stay dry.

When the group started getting a little hungry, we packed up and headed for the inland track for a lunch spot for a BBQ. Luckily Peter knew a large under cover area with seating not too far away, couple of us brought Webber’s so wasn’t long before the sausages and steak were sizzling away. Washed down with a cold beverage of course.

We packed up and headed along the inland track for White Patch, the notorious track didn’t live up to its name and although hadn’t seen much recent use again was nice and firm, couple of spots teased patches of soft sand but nothing to trouble anyone.  Last stop was at poverty creek campsite, quick convenience stop for some and a little walk around, you wouldn’t have wanted to be pitching a tent there the night before, might have washed away! Although Leanne made the most of the conditions with some fantastic frog eye photos.

The end of the track saw the group peel away to make their own was home, some driving to servo to air up, some stopping to look at the metal sculptures by a local, some airing up in a convenient spot not to annoy any locals, the golden child again helping out another Toyota (& Jeep) airing up.

All jokes aside it was a great, much needed for us, day trip. Who cares what you drive – it’s all about being able to experience this wonderful land! Even better when you can share it with others.