About The Club

Do you love getting out in the great outdoors with like-minded people?

Is camping and four-wheel driving your passion?

Then the Bayside Off-Roaders Club is for you!

What we do

Our family friendly club is located in the Bayside area and is open to all those with any 4WD vehicles, We are committed to giving members safe & enjoyable outings of all types that the whole family can enjoy. These include day trips & weekend adventures. The club runs an accredited driver trainer course for our members. We also have technical officers in our club who can advise on how to set up your vehicle for safe & enjoyable trips.

Our care for the environment is demonstrated by our close relationship with the Qld Parks and Wildlife Service and HQPlantations (who manage, harvest and grow timber plantations). Some recent activities include replacing guideposts and tree planting in Mt Mee State Forest, Adopt a Track in Benarkin State Forest, and the annual Fraser Island Clean Up.

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A Little About Our History

In early 1998 a local person saw the need to establish a new four wheel drive club in the Redlands area. After research into how a Club is formed and all that is involved in getting it off the ground, with the assistance of flyers, information bulletins in the local news papers and further assistance through local businesses, the news got out that there would be a meeting in early April at the Capalaba Lawn Bowls Club, Ney Rd, Capalaba. On the 1st April 1998 at 7:30pm, the Bayside Off-Roaders Club was born. The first meeting created a lot of interest with over 160 local people attending. From this gathering it was decided to formalise a local four wheel drive club. A body of likeminded people assisted as the steering committee, the majority of these people are still active members today. It was decided at the first meeting to have a day trip through the Condamine Gorge area in late April. This trip was attended by over 60 vehicles ending with a memorable BBQ at Moogerah Dam. The name Bayside Off-Roaders Club was decided at the second meeting held in May. At this meeting, membership payments were received and the club was incorporated in June 1998.

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