To organise family outings, camping trips and driver training programs for members, whilst encouraging conservation of the environment and promoting courtesy on and off the road.”


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  • Operation Report 29022020 – Ladies Hawaiian Weekend February 2020

    The Angels arranged to rendezvous at the northbound BP for the mission. Favourable weather and traffic allowed a start time half an hour early and everyone set off in great spirits; cars were fuelled, Crispy

  • Australia Day 2020 – Double Island

    I was keen to get this trip on the road. So keen in fact that Lucy and I packed the trailer the weekend before we left – I know right? Whoda thunk we could be

  • Bribie Island Day Trip – January 2020

    Stick the kettle on, make a cuppa or crack open a cold one... Well it certainly wasn’t looking too good for one of the first trips of the year, weather wise... Some of the worst

  • Driver Training – October 2019

    Learning how to handle and use my 4wd when I joined Bayside Off-Roaders 10 years ago was very important to me and all these years later, I’m glad I did do our club’s Driver Training

  • A Week on Fraser

    I had the unenviable job of having to spend five days last week on Fraser Island. I got asked a few weeks ago by one of my mates Joe if I wanted to come as

  • Swan Gully Trip Report 28th – 29th September 2019

    It’s that time again, go and put the kettle on, maybe get yourself a couple of cold ones... Saturday morning saw a couple of Baysiders, Mick and B towing their camper trailer and Myself with

  • Dirt, Dads and Dogs – 30 August – 2 September 2019

    Might want to stick the kettle on before this... While it was a bit of a late trip to put up and I wasn’t too sure if people would already be committed with Father’s Day

  • Janowen Hills 4wd park

    Janowen Hills 4wd park 5-8 July 2019

    Janowen Hills 4wd park 5-8 July. Well the company was awesome; however, the weather really didn’t cooperate. Well ok, it wasn’t too bad, I just wish that it had been a bit less

  • Easter Long Weekend Trip South Grafton

    To quote the well-known song ‘I’ve been everywhere man’ is a good indication of the Easter Long Weekend away that Peter organised for us all. Base camp was the Grafton Sunset Caravan Park. There were

  • Fraser Island Clean Up 2019

    Every year for the last 19 years 4WD Clubs have come together to clean up Fraser Island. It’s a shame that it needs to be done but at the same time its very rewarding when

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