Maree and I flew in from Perth Thursday night late so made for the panic pack to beat the hordes of holiday makers heading up the coast Friday. Needless to say we had the attitude that whatever we forgot we would buy. It must be noted I had to stop for beer in Nambour this was intentional to have cold vessels to drink given the brutal heat of set up. We arrived at Bluff creek registered got our goodie bag and headed to the corner of the paddock where the usual BORC members whom seem to have dream jobs or are retired were already set up. The heat was terrible. All sorted we sat back with cold drinks and watch with amusement as Lee erected his camper trailer I will have it noted I did help with one pole. After that I have decided 4 dropped legs and a roll out awning on a caravan is the way to go for me of little exercise and time. Free showers were fantastic!

When the sun went down we got respite from the heat with nice cool evenings. They had woodfired Pizza’s available and these were great so dinner was sorted. There was also another food Van all weekend selling various foods I can recommend the prawn curry on good authority by the way my dog scoffed it down.

Up Saturday and I did the Cheese Wheel trip. This was a medium trip that went through the State Forest and had some great low range hill climbs and excellent downhill grades. The bush was very dry and there was plenty of dust to suck in. I really enjoyed this trip and the views were great coming back into camp the Hilux looked like a desert Storm Vehicle choked with dust.

Back for cold beer and watch the Richmond Tigers take out the AFL Grand Final.  There was a band on the back of a truck trailer Saturday night. Plenty of Elvis and even some Wiggles? Not sure they will win a golden Disc soon but with enough rum in you I’m sure they were singing like angels.

Sundays trip was probably the easiest of the Mediums it was the Blue Castello by memory. Nice bush drive and you certainly wouldn’t want to attempt any after rain that’s for sure. John’s Nissan came back a little worse for wear but all hands on deck had him sorted. I heard after we left Monday he was seen driving in a left hand circle all day.

After dinner there was a great crowd settled in for the weekend raffles and NRL grand final. I must thank the sponsors for such great prizes. I unfortunately won none but think I covered the cost of the event with my tickets even though 20 trees were felled in printing them.

The NRL grand Final started well but as the storm piled on the points the rain finally came and those who could see the score growing packed up and went back to their tents and vans. It was great having the rain and a welcome from the torrid heat the previous day.

Quick pack up Monday and a charge back into the madness of the traffic. All up a great weekend.

I wouldn’t rate it as good as last year but these events take a tremendous amount of effort to arrange and I appreciate that so thanks to the Mitsubishi Club for their handwork.