Perfect weather for the Fathers Day trip & with the 1st meet point at the Capalaba McDonalds for 0800 we arrived about 0759 to see a good number of 4WD already in the car park! Almost late for my own trip! Fortunately everyone was inside finishing off their brekkie, luckily we did the drive through for our coffee.

Very brief intros as some where keen to head straight off to our 2nd meet point at Beaudesert Hungry Jacks – Almost sounds like a fast food chain tour!  Peter graciously led us there where we picked up Ross who was going to be our guide for the day & 2 others as well. 11 cars in total with some new members & a visitor too.

We left Beaudesert & headed of on the tarmac to Boonah ‘Boo – Nah!’ – reportedly named after the Bushranger who was so tough even the Ghosts are scared of him!  Ross being as entertaining as always

Although we did get a couple of days rain before the trip we are obviously still in a big drought so knew (hoped) it was just going to be a scenic drive with hopefully some water in the 14 river crossings!  Before we got there we went to one of the lookouts towards the Great Dividing Range when in wetter times you get to see an impressive sight with a waterfall at The Head (Not this time…) I learnt this is the split point of water either flowing our direction to the bay or on the other side heading back across to other states.

I was prepared to drop a few PSI out the tyres for the day, I think one of 2 others might of thought the same – but we were assured we’d only be going a steady pace & nothing challenging. As we progress we followed the iconic Rabbit Proof Fence (another lesson for our children went on here – Although Mackenzie prefers to think of the rabbits as fluffy white bunnies rather than vermin!)

Stopped for a very pleasant morning tea at one of the crossings big enough to accomodate all 11 4WD’s giving a chance to still the kettle on to make a quick brew. Then another stop along the way to feed the local horses, they’ve a good business there charging $5 to feed the horses, mind you they preferred it to the apples I’d cut up for them!  We continued on through the rest of the crossings & chose to stop for lunch at a nice park by Brown Falls so the kids could have a play & I fired up the Webber – Although it looked like most didn’t trust the Englishman on a BBQ & preferred to bring their own sandwiches!! We all decided that this time we wouldn’t take in Queen Mary Falls or the walk & we would save that for another day.  Staying in convoy we headed up to Carr’s Lookout for one last stop looking out across the valley.  On the way back we came back via White Swamp to keep us off the bitumen a bit longer & again beautiful track, was also incredibly smooth for a dirt road. Smooth enough for the rest in the Navara to have a bit of a nap…

We all headed back home & pealing off around Beaudesert into our groups.  Finishing off what had been a thoroughly enjoyable incident free day.  I have to say that the fantastic knowledge of members really made this trip for me. A massive thank you to you all! I’m really glad to be a part of this club thats been going for 20 years now!

I’ll have to come up with something a bit more challenging for my next one!