3rd and 4th march 2018

Scenic rim adventure park

First and foremost is a big shout out to our amazingly talented course coordinators/facilitators Tony Collins and Kris Traeger. Lead by Tony never a wrong turn was had and Kris tirelessly trotted around ensuring we had visible reassurance we were on track (pardon the pun) navigating the many washouts and hot spots.

Both provided a wealth of information about our vehicles and how they functioned in various situations, with the safety of participants a priority.


Most participants arrived Friday to claim our campsite and settle in before the start of the course. The campfire kept the biting insects at bay and the rain waited until we were all comfortable in our beds.


All participants arrived on time for a fun morning of recovery and can crushing. Not that it was a competition but I have to say the girls delivered a crushing blow to the lads when an exercise to navigate between two soft drink cans crushing one with the right tyre and the other with the left tyre was predominantly achieved by the girls.

The recovery exercise went well with no damage to vehicles.  Although, poor Graham in his chivalry, assisting a participant, stepped over an attached snatch strap which breached safety regulations and thereby won him 20 pushups.

A quick lunch back at camp and we were out driving the tracks. The tracks were thoughtfully chosen for the rooky participants and all were navigated without any wrong turns despite a couple of left from right and right from lefts quickly becoming the other left instructions. No car had to be turned home because they couldn’t make it and no cars limped home.

The day was rewarded with the generosity of attendees sharing a spread of cheeses, homemade dips etc. and a taste of roasted bunya nuts. All shared around, of course, the much-loved campfire.

The only disappointment of the day was when Sharon opened the lid of her camp oven and there was no blueberry damper, just their dinner.  The legendary tales of Sharon’s damper cooking shall remain a legend, for now anyway.


Although it rained again the night before the tracks weren’t too slick and we headed out again for some more track navigation.

There were more puddles to slide around in and steeper hills to conquer. We even had a show of how different cars, driven by the more experienced drivers, could make short work of what appeared to be quite a confronting giant.

The day sadly concluded at lunchtime but the weekend was a resounding success and from comments made throughout the weekend a lot was learned and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.