Trip Report ;; by Greg Preeo

28th  – 29th April  2018 ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING – SISODRV404A & 405A –  “Drive a 4WD in difficult  terrain and co-ordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles”.

It’s a given that whenever we go to Janowen Hills and other club meetings we have a great time whether it be for a social weekend and or for a more structured program as it was  for the advanced driver training. This is not to say it was all business and no play as we all had a chance to learn new skills and develop new friendships around the camp fire with other club members and visitors alike.

The happy band of troopers for the weekend included: Tony and Sharron Collins in a Prado 150;  Greg  Lauer in his Nissan Patrol Y62 ; Bushy  Ian Bush – from the Ipswich club  Nissan Patrol GU 2000;  David and Marie Warren + Sara from Italy with a BT50; Wayne Reid and Sharon Burgess-Reid in a Landcruiser 200; Perry Smith  with his home on wheels the 2003 Troop Carrier; Greg and Rita Preeo in a Prado 150; and Peter Forsyth with the go anywhere rugged GU Patrol.

It is always good to get set up on the Friday before the event and as it happens a number of the group took advantage and did the same. Arriving at camp around  3 pm we were greeted by Sharon and Tony, David, Marie and Sara while Wayne and Sharon along with Perry arrived a little later that afternoon while Peter, Bushy and Greg chose to come the next morning. While setting up our camper the early arrivals set out to find firewood and the amount they brought back stood us in good stead both for Friday and Saturday night.

The course started at 830 on Saturday morning with Tony as course coordinator and instructor  and Peter Forsyth who supported Tony and the group members throughout Saturday and during the required activities for the advanced driver training.

Group Tuition before driver instruction 1

After  Tony presented an overview of our planned activities it was time to head to the ‘play pen’ for tuition in traversing large holes and choosing correct lines to safely get to the other end of the exercise. You can see this requires special people who know the ins and outs of a hole in the ground.

Yes it is a hole 1

Now this was easier for some than others and as seen in the following pics it is easy to lift a wheel, go sideways and bury ones front bumper bar in one of these hollows in the ground.

While others did it with ease and no fuss

Easy does it 1

Next it was off to the more difficult tracks number 32, 31 and 30. Number 31 was not used due to some very large boulders while 30 was challenging for some and impossible for others.

After these tracks it was off  to learn more about winching including single line and double  line recoveries.

Following our earlier activities we all proceeded back to camp for a few  drinks, tea and some company again around the campfire. Here we must make mention of Sharon’s ( Collins) fruit damper with golden syrup  which was a delight  to taste and I am told  seconds was even better.

Everyone would agree that the course was enjoyable and met our expectations so much so I would encourage others to enrol as we are better 4 Wheel drivers for undertaking this training.  For myself and on behalf of the group I would thank Tony for his expertise, time and patience shown while giving us instruction and  to Peter who willing gave up his time to help and advise us  during the days’ activities.